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Comunicação de Crise na Proteger2018

Comunicação de Crise na Proteger2018

By on Nov 10, 2018 in destaque, Notícias | 0 comments

Luís Nunes, director of NYB Comunicação e Marketing, is one of the invited speaker during the last day of the Protege 2018 Conference, organized by APSEI, with an intervention on “Communication in crisis situations”, integrating the panel on “Security in Critical Infrastructures: protecting what it’s ours”.

Moderated by Carlos Matos Carvalho, from INOV Inesc, this panel held at 11:45 am in the APSEI Auditorium will also have interventions on “Critical Infrastructures” (Isabel Pais, ANPC and João Pestana, SSI), “Softargets” (António Quadrado, GIOE of GNR) and “The perspective of cybersecurity” (Nelson Escravana, INOV).

The last day of the Protege 2018 opens with a solemn session with the presence of the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, José Artur Neves, representing the Minister of Internal Administration.

More information at: https://proteger.pt/programa-geral/programa-auditorios/#dia-15