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NYB Comunicação e Marketing: 15 years, 15 free offers

on Sep 30, 2019

During 2019, NYB Comunicação e Marketing is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The consulting firm created in Lisbon in 2004, is currently headquartered in Santa Comba Dão and is the founder of the NYB group – which includes NYB Tradução and NYB Consulting. On this 15th anniversary, NYB Comunicação e Marketing decided to give back to the community the success it has had over these years: untill the end of 2019 it is available to serve 15 companies (start-ups and microsized companies, exclusively from the Centro region),  offering them a free individual consulting session.

Luís Nunes, director of NYB, says that one of the most frequent realities in the small business segment is the lack of financial capacity to support professional consultancy in the area of ​​Communication and Marketing – although their managers recognize the need for help in that specific area. We often find that a brief conversation is enough to guide entrepreneurs – whether they are young or more experienced – in a more assertive direction towards the effective use of communication and marketing tools.

‘Applications’ for this offer must be submitted to info@nyb.pt

Throughout these 15 years, NYB Comunicação e Marketing has been working on public and private sector projects. The NYB group has a predominantly international activity spread across 5 continents.

NYB Comunicação e Marketing has a portfolio that includes projects in the area of ​​transportation, tourism, education, real estate, consumption, health and pharmaceuticals. It is an associated company of APPM (Portuguese Marketing Association) and the AHK CCILA – Portuguese German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.