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Season’s Greetings 2017

on Dec 21, 2017

Every year  NYB used to embrace a task which gave us great pleasure: designing the layout, drafting the copy, arranging production and ultimately holding the cards that all our business partners and friends would receive, customized with a little season’s greetings and a personal message.

We always felt we were sending a little bit of us while shortening distances. It was almost a handshake in the form of a card with our wishes for happy holidays.

This year we’ve decided to give up this moment. In the name of our forests that have always given us the raw materials we need, and that suffered so much this year especially in our home country, Portugal. But most importantly in the name of all the people that have priority and need everybody’s help.

It’s time to renew hope and create the right  conditions for the new year to bring new dreams and reasons to believe. We have channeled all the funds required for card production and donated them to a local non-profit organization in our region.

Therefore, this year, you will not be receiving our physical handshake in the form of a Christmas card and calendar. But we still send you our warmest greetings and now give the present that was for you to those who need it most.

To you, your family and friends, we wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Santa Comba Dão, december 2017