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Paulo Nunes receives PHD from City University London

on Jan 31, 2015

Paulo Nunes, partner of NYB Consulting, has received a PhD in Air Transport Management from City University London, where he teaches a module of the Master of Transport Management lectured at the British capital and Dubai. At the same time, Paulo Nunes was invited to join the panel of assignment of final evaluations of this higher course.

Since 2007, Paulo Nunes has been the Executive Director of NYB Consulting, a Portuguese economic and management consulting firm that is part of the NYB Group. In this context, Paulo Nunes has developed and managed consulting projects for clients in the air transport sector in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, USA, Ukraine, Rwanda, Tanzania and Hungary.

An economist and consultant specialized in air transportation, Paulo Nunes has extensive international experience: he started at Dun & Bradstreet in Tokyo in 1999-2000 (through the Contact program of ICEP). In 2001, he joined Lufthansa Consulting, having participated in projects to restructure airlines, develop long-term strategies and  fleet management. He also regularly participates in Air Business Academy advanced training courses.