NYB backs launch of translator network for industry


NYB Comunicação e Marketing is the agency responsible for creating the corporate identity and the digital marketing of Translators4Industry – a new network of technical translators specialising in industry and focusing especially on the German market. Translators4Industry will be rolled out in Germany this week.


NYB Comunicação e Marketing designed its logo, which is inspired by robotics, mechanisation and the exact sciences – plus the blue of the EU. The agency will also be responsible for search advertising campaigns exclusively targeting the German market.

Elisabete Costa, Director of NYB Tradução, is one of the four founders of this professional network. She underscores the vital role that technical translation by specialised translators still plays in a sector in which machine translation is far from producing acceptable results.

The Translators4Industry network comprises translators with a command of a variety of language combinations. In addition to the native German, Russian, Italian and Portuguese of its founders, the group can count on other freelance professionals and service providers to ensure the quality of translations, revisions and localisation of technical content.


For more information go to www.translators4industry.de