NYB Director elected FELLOW of The Chartered Institute of Marketing

The director of NYB Comunicação e Marketing, Luis Nunes, has just been elected a Fellow of the British Chartered Institute of Marketing – one of the oldest and largest Marketing institutions in the world.

This promotion to the senior category of the organisation represents the recognition by international peers of the relevance of Luís Nunes’ professional experience and curriculum.

Founder of the NYB group – which started, in 2004, precisely with NYB Comunicação e Marketing – Luís Nunes performs functions of direction and consultancy in Marketing, being simultaneously a lecturer in higher education instituitions (University of Aveiro and Politécnico de Coimbra) where he teaches several specialized subjects in the areas of Communication and Marketing.

This recognition comes after Luís Nunes has already obtained, in previous years, the annual Chartered Marketer certification by CIM.

For the NYB group, the qualification and international recognition of its team’s skills are essential factors for success in the different markets in which NYB operates.

In the area of Communication and Marketing, NYB has a portfolio that covers national projects in sectores such as rail transportation, pharmaceuticals, real estate, consumer goods, sports, among others.

Overall, the NYB group works with clients and projects in dozens of countries spread over 5 continents, including some of the most important international organizations.

NYB Comunicação e Marketing is also an associate company of APPM (Poprtuguese Marketing Association) and CCILA AHK (Portuguese-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce).